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What We Do

Support Services

Support Coordinators from The Arc of Frederick County assist people in leading lives of their own choosing by working to build a circle of support around each individual to provide advocacy, identify natural supports, build safety nets, and locate or create needed services in the community. Arc Support Coordinators help individuals locate ongoing long term supports by working on a one-to-one basis with each individual and by partnering with other community agencies.

Support Coordinators can help individuals and families by:

  • Providing community education to promote inclusion
  • Developing job supports for community employment
  • Advocating for access to services
  • Resolving specific disability related issues
  • Facilitating support groups for people we serve, their parents, and siblings
  • Locating needed resources in the community
  • Creating services and supports that currently do not exist
  • Referring individuals to financial resources
  • Navigating through community benefit programs


support coordinator

Supports offered are person centered and designed and implemented in a way that promotes families and individuals having greater control over their lives and the services they receive. Support Coordination is available for people of any age. This support can be a one-time service or it can continue as a lifelong support. 
For more information, please contact The Arc of Frederick County at (301) 663-0909 or email us at

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